Finding Joey – Part 1: A Blind Cat Waiting!


The Beginning:

This is a story about a young cat, but not just any cat but a cat with a disability. A cat who continues to demonstrate with stout determination to his owner and devoted Mom that he is one tough cat. Nothing can slow him down – well except for maybe a little cat nap!

The day I met Joey, I was in awe of how cute he was and how small he was but what struck me the most was that until Beth told me he was actually blind, I would not ever had known it. An inspiration for sure as this little guy who was found in a pile of leaves in a rural country setting, that being blind is no hindrance.

Beth found her new friend in a pile of leaves on a cool Fall day. He was sitting there almost as if he was waiting just for her. Beth took him into her arms and held him close. She knew that he needed help and she was not going to leave him defenseless. She related to me later that it seemed as if Joey’s feline mother was pushing him away to fend for himself. Beth also knew with winter soon coming, that this precious bundle of fur would be no match for the elements in his emaciated condition and sightlessness.

So off they went to the vet and while Beth had hoped for the miracle of sight, her fears were confirmed by her vet that Joey was in fact blind. It was so hard to believe because he had then as he does now all the instincts and actions of a sighted cat!! It’s incredible to know and observe that even at approximately 6 weeks of age, Joey behaved and interacted as a normal cat with full vision would. It’s only if you look really close that you can see his eyelids are shut.

Likely starving from being out in the elements with little nutrition and food sources, Joey enjoyed his food with gusto and appreciation. He had found a home and place in Beth’s life to be the cat he was meant to be. The “little guy” was now the “big guy” in Beth’s life and he is meant to stay. A blessing for sure, but a story of great faith and trust and undeniable love.

In this video Beth shares her first encounter with Joey and her hopes for sharing his story:

Beth hopes that you will be enamored and inspired by his story. And if a cat can do it, so can we!!

Joey also has his very own Facebook page and by clicking on the link below you can follow the daily exploits of Joey and his Mom Beth as they share their adventures!

Joey – A Curious Blind Cat


4 thoughts on “Finding Joey – Part 1: A Blind Cat Waiting!

  1. Beth, you are Joey’s hero. He is such a sweetheart, and I feel as though that is because of the wonderful love and care he receives from you. You are an amazing person, with a heart of gold. I have no doubts that God placed Joey in your life and care for a reason. Love you Beth!

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    1. Thanks Lucy, and thanks for the love and support both you and Alaya have shown for Joey. Joey and I are grateful to have you in our lives. You are a great friend!


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