Joey: Part 3 – Finding the Light- the greatest gift of all!

Joey with Dr. Heather Balmer from the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County

Joey’s story took a surprising turn when Beth noticed some changes in his eating and behavior and began to suspect something was very wrong. His symptoms were a cry for help in a big way so she took him to the vet who patiently guided them through a very long road to recovery.

Pet owners know that when the signs of illness come on, it can be very scary and confusing too. In Joey’s case the symptoms he had were hard to match to a definite diagnosis. So after treating with steroids and watching and waiting, Joey eventually did recover and found that light at the end of the tunnel. It took several long months for Joey to regain his playful ways, and for Beth no words could adequately describe the relief when he was finally himself once again.

Beth was very careful to have a good treatment team to help Joey too. The vets at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County were there from the start and were familiar with the little guy and his health history from previous visits. Even with the best team of veterinarians, Joey was not one to give the high paw salute as he really does not like car rides and trips to the doctor’s office, well that is just not the thing with him!!

Joey and Beth both extend gratitude to Dr. Heather Balmer at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County for her help with treating Joey’s illness. Beth related in the voice of Joey that “Dr. Balmer was instrumental in helping me get better – she spent a lot of time listening to Mom and trying to problem-solve what was happening, and she prescribed the steroids that helped me get better. I may not show my appreciation all the time, but I would like to say, thank you Dr. Balmer!”

I so admire Beth for her bravery and courage to do everything humanly possible to find out what was wrong and leave no stone unturned to help Joey. She was afraid at times that the outcome may not go well and that she’d have to make a decision that she did not want to make. She was not ready to lose Joey, nor he her. I remember the relief from her when she said she gave him the last steroid treatment and he was going to be ok. The love and devotion she has for all her pets and Joey is second to none. What a blessing for Joey, the little bundle of fur found in the leaves to have this wonderful owner.

For both Beth and Joey – the greatest gift of all.

Home again!

In this video, Beth shares the journey of Joey’s illness:

Joey has his very own Facebook page and if you’d like to follow the adventures of Joey the Curious Blind Cat just click on the link below to LIKE his page!

Joey – A Curious Blind Cat – Facebook Page


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