Joey – Part 5: Grow, Learn and Achieve!


Joey started out in a pile of Autumn leaves waiting for what was to become his new life with his owner and cat Mom, Beth Hovenstine. Beth’s patience, love and understanding was just the right medicine at just the right time.

Joey to Share (4)

Their time together is filled with many highs and yes even some lows, but through it all they each have enhanced one another’s lives in ways they never could have imagined. In fact, it is an immeasurable bond that will never be broken.


Joey has come a very long way in a relatively short time. He has learned, struggled and achieved. Small steps one at a time and now the steps are bigger and getting bigger all the time. The support and love from Beth and his cat sibling has certainly been a mainstay in Joey’s life and has helped him through his struggles and learning processes too. He is an important and valuable part of his new family.

Beth stayed the course and worked hard to help Joey be the best he can be. She understands and shares that preventative medical care is the best way to stave off health issues from becoming major problems. It’s possible that early care and detection may have kept Joey from losing his sight but they’ll never really know. But from this point forward, being careful and keeping watch to changes in moods, behavior and patterns can avoid problems and ensure treatment is given when needed.

Beth also has hopes for people with disabilities too. She hopes that by sharing this story about her cat and how he is able to grow, learn and do things that others will be inspired to do so as well. It’s not an overnight process and it takes time and patience but it’s so worthwhile.

Pets with challenges and disabilities can go on to live a quality life. It does not have to be the end of life, but rather a life that can be lived a little bit differently. Joyously and creatively!

In Beth’s final video in this series, she shares more insight into these points and much more from Joey’s story. It is a provocative and meaningful view into her thoughts about their journey so far and with the hope that his story will be a great motivator and inspiration for others who may have some challenges.

Special dedication:

This series about Joey, a blind cat, is dedicated to his namesake, Joe Schweitzer, who had a great compassion for helping others in need. May Joe’s spirit live on in all who knew him.

Sharing this story about a brave and intelligent little kitten with the heart of a lion who is bound and determined to not just survive, but be the king of his kingdom is one of the most endearing stories I have had the privilege to write about.

God bless this precious and most curious blind cat!

Susan Harmon

Joey also has his very own Facebook page and by clicking on the link below you can follow the daily exploits of Joey and his Mom Beth as they share their adventures!

Joey – A Curious Blind Cat



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