Unionville Equine Associates


Colic! This is a dreaded word that many owners never wish to hear. Sometimes though it can rear it’s ugly head when least expected. We can do our best to prevent it, but sometimes it just happens and we never know all the reasons why. Knowing the signs and being able to take swift action is crucial in the battle of this type of condition.

Recently a beloved pony living at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center located in Mount Joy Pennsylvania had an impaction episode. Fortunately for Dixie, her owners knew of a wonderful equine facility that was not too far away, has an excellent staff and world class reputation. This is a leading equine health care provider right in our backyard!

Their professional yet personal touch is given with the utmost confidence. They have a lot to offer and most critical, they have a top selection of veterinarians with the right skills to keep the equines in good care. Their strength stands out in their personalized touch that is unrivaled. This is where the value comes in and it’s very important and should not be overlooked when considering the provider for your equines.

Unionville Equine Associates, P.C. was originally founded in 1978 by John W. Lee, Jr. DVM. Their facility is located in Chester County Pennsylvania and serves a large tri-state region! The staff talent is focused on the latest and greatest in technique and technology and the best part is they deliver care that is very individualized.

Dixie received the best care and her surgery was a success.


I was able to visit her during her stay and her vets answered all my questions and were very thorough in their dialog about everything that had happened up to that point. That was very comforting to me because I did not know what to expect. Dixie is back home in her barn and happily so. She will have a few months of recovery ahead, but she is off to a great start thanks to the effort and due diligence of her caretakers at Unionville.

Dixie is shown below the day after her surgery with Elysia Schaefer, DVM, MS, DACVS and Morgan Adams, DVM


They offer a variety of services and owners may come to the facility or the vets will come to the owner’s location. Another nice feature of their offerings is that they will help owner’s with a care plan for their barn too.

In addition to having a top notch surgical suite, they have client education, externships and internships. This facility while smaller than some in the area offers huge results, individualized attention and staff on site 24/7.

If you are looking for second to none customer service, top technology, and top talent then Unionville Equine Associates goes to the head of the class!

Thank you for your help with Dixie’s care! Dixie and her people also wish you all the best in the future too!!


To learn more about the staff and team and services they offer at Unionville they have a website. Please go  to Unionville Equine Associates

If you are looking for exceptional quality care on a personal level for the equine or equines in your life, contact Unionville Equine Associates and take a tour of their operations.

Their Contact Information:



25 Webster Lane

Oxford, PA  19363





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