Duncan Equine Dental Services


I recently had the opportunity to witness equine dentistry performed by a truly outstanding and professional equine dental provider. It was dental day at Walder’s Way Equestrian Center in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. A line up of  rescue horses and one lesson horse was the order of the day for Katelyn Testerman and her assistant Jessica. I marveled at how confident they were with handling the horses and the knowledge they shared about what they do.

It’s not an easy job and it’s not without it’s dangers too because they are dealing with horses who are powerful prey animals! They did not waver in their tasks and after handling 9 horses that day they were just as fresh after the last horse was done as the minute they arrived for their first horse! I can’t say the same for myself though. In my estimation it takes a lot of personal stamina to handle that many cases in one day.  However, that’s a light day for them! They can easily be tasked by farms and owners to do even larger contingents of horses in one day!


Katelyn is an impressive individual. I have not ever witnessed an equine get their dental exam done before so it was a learning experience. Katelyn is a Certified Equine Dental Provider (C/EDP) and she has memberships with the International Association of Equine Dentistry and Equine Dental Providers of America. Katelyn attends conferences and continues her education  at every opportunity.  As she related to me it’s vital to be aware of what is out there and continued education is critical in this field and it is the way to be up to date. She has a wealth of experience with horses of all ages, breeds and temperaments.

 Her assistant Jessica also plays an important role with the dental visits. She helps set up, handle the horses and prepare them for their exam, during and after as well. I was able to see that she is very accomplished in handling horses which is an absolute must in this type of career. 


For owners, it’s very important to have confidence in the care providers that you select for your horses. Knowing that they care about the animals and treat them well during the visit is an important component to the care that cannot be overlooked.  Katlyn was very patient with the horses and that helped her relax them.

A horse’s dental care will change over time too and it is important to be aware of any indicators or signs that your horse is having issues with their teeth. Careful observation is important so that this can be shared with your dental care provider.

The cornerstone of their superior service can be summed up very well by their quote:

“Our main goals lies in the power of prevention.”

That is true. The more you do to prevent problems from happening will be better off in the long run for your equine.

To contact Duncan Equine Dental Services for your next equine dental exam:

Phone: 717.380.3761

Email: Duncanequinedental@hotmail.com

They are also on Facebook too @DEDSLLC

Katelyn Testerman also specializes in mini horses and donkeys.  She also shared that she hopes to start a foundation for mini horses someday too. I have no doubt that she will be very successful in reaching that goal!

Duncan Equine Dental Services delivers professional and sensitive care combined with extensive experience giving your horse the quality and attention that they deserve for their dental needs.









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