My Inspirational Equestrian Friends – Bob and Linda Shambaugh

I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. It was not uncommon for me to help my Grandmother with the daily chores that go along with owning a horse. Early in the morning I’d get up no matter the weather to make sure the horses were fed before I went to school and again after school the same routine. Although I had the opportunity to help her care for them, I did not have the opportunity to ride them and learn more about them and as time went by the horses were given to other owners to ride and show as my Grandmother was getting up in years and I was growing up too.

Fast forward 30 years and I have the wonderful chance to meet and get to know Bob and Linda Shambaugh who really helped me get back into my equestrian groove as far as learning to ride and having the confidence to do so. When I was younger life prevailed and the time to enjoy horses and afford riding lessons was just not possible. Eventually though a friend of mine suggested trail riding at Gettysburg and so we did! Gettysburg Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to trail ride and learn history at the same time. It amazed me at how nimble the riders were and how I was not! I really admired at how so many of the riders took the whole trail ride experience so naturally and even being the complete novice I was and still now a beginner, I really felt like I wanted to do more.

Fortunately a very dear mutual friend introduced me to Bob and Linda Shambaugh and the wheels of progress started to turn! They amazed me with their horsemanship skills and the energy and passion they had for their horses and working with them in shows and having fun on the trails! I was hooked from then on! I had the pleasure of seeing their performance at Double Rock farm and that was not only inspirational, but mesmerizing too! They made racing the barrels and handling all the ride challenges look so easy, but I knew that takes practice, patience and great skill!! I watched them do all these tight maneuvers with their horses. I also could see that they have a bond with their horses and that is so important too.

They are very active with horse shows featuring challenge rides and are no strangers to winning ribbons and numerous prestigious awards in the riding clubs that they participate in.

They have three Quarter horses – Klue, Daisy and Ellie. They love them dearly and love spending time with them. This bonding process is heartwarming, but also very essential to being safe partners with all the activities that they are involved with. Safety first is very important!!

They are a very active equestrian couple. I admire all that they do with their horses. They do not shy away from a challenge and love to have fun with it. What is really fun to see is the costume rides they do too. Halloween challenge and even closer to Christmas too!

Linda loved horses as a young girl. She did some riding and watched her sister ride more so as they were growing up. It was not until later in life and married that she decided it was time to have a horse of her own and pursue her equestrian interests and that is precisely what she did! Eventually Bob became involved with the horses – after all he was trailering them to the shows and thought he’d give it a try too. Well the horse bug bit him too and in a big way. They often compete against each other in the challenge shows but all in good fun! Both Bob and Linda have become very successful in their riding club and well known in these circles too. Their home is filled with ribbons and awards from over the years and I can stand for hours gazing at all their accomplishments.

They are always willing to learn new things too. They go to clinics and also take their horses to “camp” for training. Again that bond between horse and rider very important. Being able to learn and continuing to improve on that relationship with good skill and technique is time well spent.

Stall time very important too…

Bob and Linda are actively engaged in the local horse community here in Central Pennsylvania. Being their friend and being able to witness their success with their horses has been and continues to be very valuable to me. It shows me that if you love what you do and do what you love that so many good things are possible.

I look forward to seeing where they go and what they do next! Thank you for being my friends and showing everyone that all things are possible and that it’s never too late to do what you love!

photo credits: Bob and Linda Shambaugh


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