Ellie and her Farrier!

I have read and even written about some helpful tips on choosing a farrier for your horse or your herd and it is an interesting topic to learn. However, when you see your horse choosing her farrier, well that takes the topic to a whole new level.

The other day my friend Linda told me that she has farrier day at the barn. As is quite usual in our fine circle of friends we always says to Linda, “Don’t forget to take pics!” So the ordinary day went on and Linda sent her “pics” of farrier day. I got home from work and was astounded at what I saw and felt so compelled to share and write about it.

Ellie is a beautiful Quarter horse filly, that Bob and Linda Shambaugh purchased not so long ago. Ellie being a young horse has been the benefactor of Bob and Linda’s careful and patient teachings and abundant love. In the relatively short time that they have owned her, she has been doing so well in Western shows, trail rides, learning new things, going to special equine schooling, camping out and more. It’s been and continues to be a joy to follow them in all their exploits. I even hear that Western Dressage is soon on the horizon.

Keeping the horse in tip top shape to be able to do all these marvelous outings is crucial and Bob and Linda do their due diligence when it comes to their three Quarter horses. The horses are so blessed to have these wonderful owners too.

Part of the care they receive is the farrier dates! So as I looked over the pictures it was crystal clear that Ellie loves her farrier. They worked so well together and the appointment went smooth as silk.

This farrier is definitely in tune with his equine customers. I’d go as far to say that he is the farrier whisperer and he even has a dog who comes along as his companion on barn visits. Farriers have to be very technical and skilled in the areas of hoof care, but part of that skill also requires that they have the ability to relate and handle their equine friends with ease and confidence. This is turn will bode well for the owners to have confidence too. I’d say that Ellie, Bob and Linda have all hit the jackpot here.

It’s not every day that you see your horse just about ready to kiss the farrier!! It’s not an easy profession so when love strikes just enjoy it!

Congratulations to Ellie on choosing the perfect farrier for her horsey pedicures. I see a loving and lasting relationship here!!

Photo and video credits: Linda Shambaugh


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